The project attempts to highlight the hybridization of identities as well as physical and social settings in the current times.

Both photos are named "One" illustrating the -unperceived from many- oneness of all beings/bodies within the vast darkness of the universe and, moreover, our personal universe on a smaller scale. The dark background symbolizes humanity’s blindness and incapability to identify this connection, which -when comprehended- would lead it to a more inclusive and appreciative manner of living.

When one sees those pictures from afar, they won’t be able to surely tell what this image is about. The bodies are interconnected, complementing each other, and an abstract image is created. The closer one gets the better can identify what this is about: Two objects, although different, are interacting in such a way, in which they are harmoniously co-existing with one another, becoming one, and ultimately being one.

As the observer “reads” the scene further, one detects the exhaustion in both kinds of bodies, tree and human (we conducted the photo-shooting under arduous circumstances in order to achieve those expressions), which represents the consumption of our souls by the restless comparison with one another. This inevitably results in separation.

When one fails to comprehend the above interconnection and insist on looking at the differences, comparison and separation, hybridization begins.