Exhibitions / Publications

February 2019               Psychogeography of Athens, Athens

                                       Organized by Ostkreuzschühle für Fotographie & Curated by photographer M. Grieve


April–May 2019             Venice International Art Fair, THE ROOM contemporary Art, Venice

                                                   Curated by ITS Liquid Group


February 2020               Photographer of the Day, TheWallGallery’s online gallery, Venice

                                       Curated by TheWallGallery


March 2020                    Forces, Old Biscuit Factory, London
                                       Curated by Art Number 23


March-April 2020          CorpoRealities, PH21 Gallery, Budapest

                                       Curated by PH21 Gallery


April 2020                       Quarantine Work, CEPA’s online Gallery, NY, USA

                                        Curated by CEPA Gallery


July 2020                        100 Photos vol.2, Twentysquareseven Gallery, Berlin

                                        Curated by  artist Stephan van Kuyk


August 2020                   Athens Open Art, Art Number 23 Gallery, Athens

                                        Curated by the Art Number 23


August 2020                   Missing Nature | Techne in Illuseum, Illuseum, Berlin
                                        Curated by Techne                                    

May-June 2021               rossocinabro Gallery, Rome

                                         Curated by Rossocinabro Gallery

August 2021                    Another Day In Paradise, Spazio SV – Centro Esposivo San Vidal, Scoletta di San Zaccaria (Arsenale), Venice

                                         Curated by Biennale Austria & Biennale Venice

August 2021                    Experimental Photography, ArtDoc Magazine (online)

                                         Curated by ArtDoc Maganize

October 2021                  Artexpo New York, Manhattan NYC (postponed to April 2022)

                                                 Curated by Artifact New York

November 2021                 Eternity, Capital Culture House, Madrid

                                                 Curated by the gallery

November 2021                 What Is Art? III edition, Boomer Gallery, London

                                                 Curated by the gallery

November 2021               Inwards, Luminus Eye, Athens

                                                 Curated by photographer & co-fouder of Luminus Eye Haris Kakarouhas

March 2022                      Workshop with Antoine D'Agata and work presentetion, Berlin

                                                 Curated by Art Fotomode

August 2022                    Swiss ArtExpo, ArtBox, Zurich

                                                 Curated ArtBox

September 2022              Untold Stories, Rome

                                                 Curated by Tapropane Contemporary Art

October 2022                      Perpetual Light, Vitorios Gallery, Miami USA

                                                  curated by Capital culture House