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Interpretation is ambiguous just as life is


I think of my work as a window to another plane of existence. Mainly referring to two things: words and melodies; mental images initially created by lyrics, things that I write about people, books, and melodies of any sort. By and large my images revolve around feelings. They explore the leeway, in which consciousness and subconsciousness come together, depicting their entanglement. 


My compositions are experimental and abstract, inviting the viewer to move into a space of reminiscence. While I use a variety of ways to photograph in each project, there are recurring archetypes, those of the seductress, the trickster, and the mystic. Confrontation as a constant dance in the process of evolution.This journey is arousing to me. I surrender to it trusting my instincts as well as transformation as a process,  boiling everything down to pleasure.

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