Interpretation is ambiguous just as life is


A few years ago, I went through a brutal process of internal change. The fundamental characteristics of my personality were put under the microscope, ending up seeming merely unknown. I found myself in new skin, trying to make sense of all that that was happening. Still habits, just like the shadows of the past, were persistently present creating greater disarray in regard to what is ultimately real.

Yet this chaos became extraordinarily dear to me. The journey is arousing. I surrender to it trusting my instincts as well as transformation itself as a (universal) process. I recognize it thymically. I remember that shadows and insanity are part of myself, that my mind is the biggest trickster of them all with respect to what is universally true. I remember that everything that I capture out there reflects what I see inside me; what I seek to get a glimpse of; what I long to touch.

Those games I play with the reality, its layers, and the encapsulated senses in it are my sole inspirational triggers. They taught me the significance of perspective in one’s everyday life as well as of the aftermath of one’s confrontation with oneself as a constant in the process of evolution.

My photography invites you to observe it with your instincts and heart or even an inner knowledge you didn’t remember possessing.

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